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Ibiza Weekenders 

A weekend of good times and nice things in Ibiza, where every day is an adventure and every night a party

Ibiza, Spain | once a month, April – October
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    Ibiza Weekenders

    We’re now taking risk-free €1 bookings for all 2021 weekenders!

    NEW Ibiza PRICING:
    Ibiza weekenders (three night trips)
    All-inclusive: €300
    Basic: €220
    Ibiza full week
    All-inclusive: €600
    Basic: €440
    All Ibiza trips with Stoke Travel include:
    🏖️ four days/three nights in new accommodation with a private pool, close to the beach in San Antoni
    Week-long is six nights, seven days
    🥞 breakfast every day

    For the all-inclusive trips add on: 

    🤿 pool parties and games every day;

    🍹 one hour of open bar for pre-game every day

    🎟️ free club entry

    🍾 free BBQ with cava and beer pong tournament

    🍻 discounted drinks – €1 beers and and €5 cocktails all day every day
    🤫 Private rooms available on request.

    2021 dates:
    May 28th-31st (CLOSED)
    June 25th-28th (CLOSED)
    July 9th-12th (CLOSED)
    August 27th-30th (CLOSED)
    September 10th-13th
    October 22nd-25th

    Stoke Travel heads back to the Balearic Islands in 2021 with our monthly Ibiza Weekenders. These epic weekend trips are the perfect mix of the partying you expect from Stoke Travel in Ibiza, but with our days spent doing nice things and exploring the most beautiful spots of the island. For us, Ibiza is the best place to party in the whole world, but in addition to that it’s a naturally stunning island, where the twinkling azure sea lazily laps along white sand beaches, and even through the thickest hangovers it’s just a splendid place to be.

    Stoke Travel likes to find the perfect balance between exploring and partying, between activities and chilling out. We make sure that there are plenty of things to do, on the beaches, or poolside at the hotel, or in any of our epic pre-parties, in the clubs, or just doing your own thing finding that perfect patch of sand to lie on and do nothing more than work on that tan.

    Ibiza Weekenders

    The famous Stoke Travel Ibiza Weekender, where we perfectly balance nice things with good times

    This is the Ibiza trip designed to make the most of exploring the island, discovering its secret coves and old country lanes, and then partying every night in the world’s best clubs. A combination of wholesome adventuring, soaking up the culture, enjoying the perfect weather, being inspired by the coves, bays, cliffs, farms, flowers, farmhouses, whitewashed villages, vineyards, pine forests, AND peeling our faces off in super clubs surrounded by the beautiful people, listening to whatever kind of (electronic) music gets your hips moving too much.

    We will stay in our San Antonio hostel resort for three nights, and use that as our base while we make full use of the private pool, daily breakfasts, and one included BBQ dinner with bubbles. We’ve got an hour of open bar organised in the hotel for you every day, and €1 beers and €5 cocktails the rest of the time. Included in the package price are pub crawls, a boat party, an all-day pool party, entry to one of Ibiza’s famous clubs, and our party commander guides to make sure you’re always finding the most fun. 

    Party all night, play all day in Ibiza 

    In addition to all the partying we’ll be doing and good times we’ll be having, we also make sure to fill our days with nice things when we’re in Ibiza. We’re located near one of the best sunset spots on the island, so even if you’re too hungover to hit the beach you can get that all-important Ibiza sunset Instagram pic. But if you do get out of bed (and you will, we’ll make sure of it) we can walk to small coves to swim and cliff dive, take a private bus to whichever beach/cove is going to be the most beautiful that day, or hire jeeps or scooters to explore the island – from its many beautiful beaches and country lanes with orchards and vineyards and those super cute little rock walls, to the historic and impressive Eivissa town and its Game of Thrones style old walled city. 

    Plus we don’t wait until the peak season to go and explore Ibiza. Sure, we’ll be there in the summer months making the most of the hot hot heat, but we’ll also be out there in April and May and again in September, when the days are hot and sunny, the nights cooler and the crowds non-existent. These are the best times to come out and really explore the island, with fewer tourists you can drive around the island with ease and find parking wherever you go. 

    Tell us more about the nice things in Ibiza 

    This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we love the whitewashed villages, the local wine, the cuisine pulled straight from the sea, the set menu del dia that offers you three courses with wine often for as little as €10, the cheap cocktails enjoyed down by the port, the white sand beaches, the stone sand beaches, the Mediterranean pine forests and the surprising amount of mountains and cliffs, the fields in bloom with wild flowers, the old churches, the fishermen’s shacks, the reefs for snorkeling, the windy country roads and the people who call Ibiza home because it’s just such a pleasant place to be.

    And the Ibiza good times?

    Well, this is where the world’s great clubs are located, where superstar DJs play every day and night, where beach bars serve up cocktails and resort swimming pools turn into pool parties every day, where there are plenty of bars and restaurants to hop from and between, and where a bottle of pre-party starter from the supermarket will cost you literal peanuts. Then, there are also all of the drugs that you most certainly will not do in Ibiza, obviously. 
    Check out our itinerary for more of a breakdown of how the weekend goes down.


    Lots of stuff to do…



    • Arrivals greeted with a welcome drink
    • Join us at the pool party anytime, where the wheel of misfortune and the mischievous Stoke crew will be in full swing
    • Pre-game drinks and drinking games at the hotel
    • Bar crawl with discounted drinks
    • Free club entry – We’ll pick the best club closer to the time but on the shortlist are Pacha and Eden amongst a few other amazing venues


    • All day pool party, join the Stokies for some naughty pool games
    • Pre-game power hour at the hotel
    • Club entry – yes we’re going out again!


    • Morning Sea cliff jumping (if you want or enjoy a bit of a sleep in!)
    • All day pool party and beer pong championships
    • BBQ & Bubbles party  – delicious BBQ and a complimentary cava
    • Optional evening activity – some of us will be heading to the beach for some sunset drinks


    Unfortunately it’s time to head home, tired, hungover but with amazing memories.

    San Antonio, Ibiza

    We’ll be staying in one of the most popular resorts in the Mediterranean, it is just a 20 minute drive from both the airport and Ibiza Town and well located to explore the rest of the island. San Antonio resort has a beautiful palm tree lined promenade following the harbour, which is always busy with a variety of huge yachts and ferries waiting to whisk you off to other idyllic island destinations, like the beaches of Cala Conta, Cala Tarida and Cala Bassa .

    The main beach in San Antonio is a man-made, but incredibly beautiful, here you will find utopia of bright blue sea and a wide, white sandy beach.

    Ibiza is also famous for its sunsets, and the west side of San Antonio is really popular with people wanting to see this beautiful scene. Places with a view fill up, so get a reservation to claim your spot.

    Nightlife in San Antonio is some of the liveliest in Ibiza with a mass of buy one get one free drink offers ,and streets sprinkled with famous bars and clubs (most of which are packed every night from 7pm until the early hours of the morning).

    How to get there

    Come fly to us…

    Just about every airline in Europe flies to Ibiza, so it’s not hard to get a cheap flight. Check GoEuro to compare.

    Once you arrive at Ibiza airport take the L10 bus from Ponderosa to EIVISSA- Isidor Machabich (the last stop). You then need to catch the L3 from EIVISSA I. Macabich,to Estación Autobuses Sant Antoni at the end of the line. Once you’re booked in you’ll receive the exact address of our venue just tap them into Google Maps.  It takes roughly 1 hour and costs €4 – 6.

    If you arrive outside of bus operating times, you can take a taxi which will set you back around €30 (sharing is caring).

    By boat

    For last minute transport when flights are expensive check out Trasmediterranea or Balearia for ferries!



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    Beachside Hostel Accommodation

    Beachside Hostel Accommodation

    Meals Breakfast Daily

    Meals Breakfast Daily

    Awesome Guides

    Awesome Guides

    Pool Party

    Pool Party



    Open Bar Power Hour

    Open Bar Power Hour

    Discounted Club Entry

    Discounted Club Entry

    Discounted Drinks

    Discounted Drinks

    Discounted drinks including 1€ beers and 5€ cocktails
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    Ibiza Weekenders

    WEEKENDERs are fri-Mon, full week fri-thurs

    Trips begin:
    28 MAY (CLOSED)
    25 JUNE (CLOSED)

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