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    Five Things We’d Rather Think About Than The NRA


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | February 28, 2018

    Five Things We’d Rather Think About Than The NRA

    America is catching a lot of negative attention lately, especially about its love affair with a certain gun-toting dispenser of cash.  We here at Stoke feel deeply for all those rich old white guys who treasure the NRA so dearly, as we too are vocal advocates. Not of anything that has its own magazine, mind you (guns, doctors’ offices, angsty anarcho-punks) but there are a few NRA’s that we’re big fans of.  Check out some of Stoke’s favorite kinds of NRA (hint, none of them can kill somebody).


    Never Raging Alone

    Nobody wants to party solo, Stoke included.  That’s why we invite thousands of travelers to get weird with us at events like Stoked in the Park, Ibiza Beach Camp, and our Barcelona Boat Parties.  We want to make sure everybody has a chance to cut loose, so we take the stress out of partying by giving you guys a Stokie of your very own to guide you around the 20+ festivals and events we visit every year.

    Naked Run-Arounds

    There’s not many things a Stokie loves more than stripping down, dropping trow, and going for a good frolic in our birthday suit.  In fact, we like feeling the breeze between our knees so much that we’ve dedicated an afternoon to it.  Anybody can run with the bulls, but only Stoke sheds its skivvies and bares it all through the streets of Pamplona for our annual undie run. We certainly don’t need an excuse to let it all hang out, though.  If there wasn’t a full moon or two, was it even a Stoke party?

    Nap-Ready Accommodation

    We know our guests sometimes need some beauty sleep to reach their full partying potential, so we’ll have your tent, mattress, and bedroll ready for you when you check in at any of our events.  There’s only one kind of tent we want our guests pitching, and that’s…well you know.  Because all you should have to worry about when you turn up is what you want your first drink to be.

    No Regrets Allowed

    A hard-and-fast philosophy we take very seriously at Stoke Travel. That’s not to say we don’t do some regrettable things-far from it.  But why waste precious party time fretting over spilled booze?  We’ve all made asses of ourselves more times than we care to remember, so you’ll catch no judgement at Casa de Stoke.  So keep your head high and your standards low, and go ahead and have another drink.  With unlimited beer and sangria available for only €10 a day, who’s counting?

    Nice, Rational Arguments

    Stoke parties are a safe space for all people, no matter where you’re from and what you believe.  We’re big fans of the open exchange of ideas.  It’s not hard to change a Stokie’s mind with a considerate, rational argument, but as of yet we haven’t heard any of those coming from the arms-bearers of the world.  So why not hang up those assault rifles and join in on the next Stoke party–  we promise that while you’re here with us, the state of the union will be the last thing on your mind.

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