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    Stoke Travel News Desk, 14th March


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    5 years ago | March 14, 2018

    Stoke Travel News Desk, 14th March

    Want more information on the big stories? Here are the links so you can get behind the news and be the smartest person in your whole tribe.

    A young traveller realises that running with bulls is a really fucken bad idea

    The revelation came pretty soon after the bull run began.

    And a first time glamper overcomes luxurious odds and surprisingly has a pretty swell time roughing it with the heathens

    She somehow put up with the full-length mirror, space to stand up completely, and freshly made beds.

    A Rhode Island family is confused as to whether they’re son really took a pill in Ibiza, or was just quoting a popular song lyric

    Father Bryan Wheeler hopes his son hasn’t been taking those disco biscuits.

    A study abroad student has demonstrated that she is such an expert on Spain that she’s being considered for a position with the embassy

    They were particularly impressed with the way she pronounced Bar-the-lona.

    Stoke Travel has taken a huge gamble with an outdoor London sporting event

    Rain might dampen the spirits, but sunshine will sizzle the pasty London-based antipodeans.

    Springfest will offer young travellers a chance to act like homeless alcoholics

    They can even pee their pants.

    And finally a word on the dangers of smokebombing

    Just don’t fucken do it.

    Thanks for tuning in, we’ll be broadcasting again soon. Got any stories that you think we need to cover? Let us know!


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