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    The Wheels On The Bus


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    8 years ago | April 8, 2016

    The Wheels On The Bus


    Hey Stokies,

    Gossip Bitch here, hold up. Wait a minute. There’s something about Barcelona that makes people moronic when it comes to taking buses. Remember that time over the summer when Mr. John so and so got on the bus to Running on the Bulls when he was meant to go to the waterpark? Not bullshitting you.

    This week, yet again there are two buses leaving this sin-city. A chance to run away for a couple of days and escape alcoholism and parties… who wouldn’t take the chance?! Okay, not really as these two destinations involve worse liver failures and sleep depravity than Barcelona herself. I’m not sure why people get all discombobulated when multiple buses leave Barna; but it happens, every so often! One to the oh-so-sunny Ibiza for closing weekend and one to the Alles-Gut-in-the-hood Munich for Oktoberfest. What to choose, what to choose! It’s kind of hard to do a last minute packing as one requires packing for cold and rain and the other basically just swim suits. This doesn’t stop our Stokies : let’s call them Micky Ham and Jackie Gordons. Not sure what Mickey was thinking as he was supposed to go down to Ibiza with about 55 American girls including all his friends for a last Ibiza Hurrah! But he ended up sipping steins! Good for you! Keep em on their feet. As for Ms. Gordons, she has no excuse; every opportunity she has to leave Barcelona (or any lover within a 5-mile radius) and she’s gone! But that’s why we love her.

    We lost some humans this weekend in other countries and cities due to love, alcohol, or plain nonreasoning. Dear girl who decided to stay behind in Ibiza (let’s call her Mary, although I think that is her real name) did you forget you left your passport in Barcelona and now can’t catch a ferry or flight back! I hope the Scottish boy you fell in lust with turns lust into love into marriage so you can come back home ;).

    See ya in a few days you crazy runaways <3

    XOXO Gossip Bitch

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