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Posted by Stoke Media Team
2 years ago | May 16, 2018


London, England. Stoke Travel is excited to confirm that Australian producers, DJs, banger droppers and floor fillers, Yolanda Be Cool, will be headlining their Stoked in the Park music festival, running alongside the London Big Day Out sports day and Australian and New Zealand cultural event, held at Grasshoppers Rugby Club, West London, on Saturday May the 19th. 

The day is a chance for Aussies and Kiwis to get together, along with people from all over the world, play some friendly (but not really friendly) team sports, eat food and drink booze from back home, mingle with like-minded legends and maybe find someone to pash, celebrate the real end of winter and make dickheads of  themselves on the dancefloor.

Stoked In The Park, which will also be going off over the opening weekend of Pamplona’s San Fermin (the Running of the Bulls), already features Australian and Kiwi bands like The Kiwi Pips, Mesmeriser, Jayson Norris, Bondi Beach Bums, Paul The Kid, Jimmi Nolan and Honey Haze. The addition of Yolanda Be Cool means that the day’s festivities will end with bulk fist pumps and other very questionable dance moves.

Australian electronic duo Andrew Stanley and Matthew Handley, otherwise known as Yolanda Be Cool, burst onto the global scene with their 2010 hit, We No Speak Americano, which sampled the 1956 Italian classic, Tu Vuò Fà L’Americano. The song went to number one in the UK, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Ecuador, and was a top five hit in pretty fucken much everywhere else, including at home in Australia. If you don’t know the song then it’s likely you don’t have ears, and if you haven’t drunkenly danced to it you can add a lack of limbs to that. Poor you.

Since their hit they’ve released an album, Ladies and Mentalmen, with a pretty sick remix of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and in 2015 went platinum with their remix of Rodriguez’s Sugar Man. Basically they’ve got a lot going on and we’re pretty wrapt to have them come to London to play Stoked in the Park for us and get you lot of miscreants shaking everything your mothers gave you.

Previous London Big Day Outs have ended with the dance floor filled to capacity and the bar pretty much drunk dry, so with the addition of extra bands this year, and the pretty famous Yolanda Be Cool we’re expecting the house to be literally ripped down leaving nothing but bulk bodies gyrating on the footy fields as the sun sets on another beautiful London spring day.

If you’re in London, and you don’t plan on coming, then there’s a good chance that you’re a bloody mug.

The London Big Day Out featuring Stoked In The Park is this May 19th at Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club in West London. Every year so far has sold out, and with Yolanda Be Cool headlining we expect this year to do the same. If we were you we’d be locking the day in asap.

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