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A Chat With The Band: Honey Hayze


Posted by Stoke Media Team
2 years ago | May 9, 2018

A Chat With The Band: Honey Hayze

Festival season is upon us, and with it Stoked In The Park, London (featuring Yolanda Be Cool), and Stoked In The Park Pamplona. We want to introduce you to the bands that will be playing at both Stoked In The Parks, as well as across other Stoke festivals and destinations this summer. First up, Honey Hayze.

Who’s in the band?

The band consist of Gusto, our drum lord. Shrekky bringing the funk on bass. Mr Rory Wheatley from ol’ London Town on the guitar. Saucy sax diva Benjamin Samuels from North Sydney. Art Vs Science frontman Swirly Dan giving a giddy up on keys, and Bondi rascal Earl Weir hollering out on vocals.

Describe your musical style.

The style of music that is rapidly developing and changing each week is a sweet and smoky Honey Hayze blend of funk, psych-rock and reggae, with a touch of doors influence.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

We’re looking forward to making it out alive of this European summer. Long arvos down the beach getting plastered on some a-grade vino and sampling some of Europe’s finest bass to the early hours at a couple of notorious clubs.  Ripping into some of these huge festivals that Europe has to offer, and of course absolutely fucken sending it for all these stokies.

What’s on your rider?

Our rider is nothing but onion sandwiches, we gotta keep Rory happy (weird vegan pom).

Who’s the worst behaved band member?

The worst behaved is Shrek, and expect much bad behaviour. Everything he touches he breaks (besides his bass guitar, luckily). Expect his mic to get unplugged in plenty of shows. But hey if we really feel like being cunts we might give him the stage and a mic for a 10-minute stand-up comedy show for you all – guaranteed you’ve never heard anything like it.

Got a summer playlist for us?

A couple of songs from Earl would be:

Ocean Alley, Muddy Water

Rolling Stones, Miss You

The Doors, Roadhouse Blues

Iggy Pop, Passenger

Sticky Fingers, Australia Street

There are still some tickets left for Stoked in the Park, London, on Saturday May 18th, and Stoked in the Park, Pamplona, to run alongside the Running of the Bulls festival. Get yours, and then come and get some.


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