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    zodiac signs reveal which stoke travel trip is right for you


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | May 16, 2018

    zodiac signs reveal which stoke travel trip is right for you

    This one is coming at you guys due to popular demand. Before we decided to hire our zodiac mastermind, we really had no idea or gave a flying fuck about what a zodiac sign even was. Our astrological guru decided to take us on a spiritual journey through the stars and moon and all that cosmic shit to teach us a little bit about how we can take this knowledge and apply it to our traveling needs and desires. This one’s for all you zodiac junkies out there.


    You’re fucken bold and ambitious and we know that you if you aren’t the center of attention you tend to get a little pissy. This is why the Running of the Bulls festival is the perfect match for you. We know that you won’t be scared to head down to Pamplona in the morning and get your daily sprint away from the bulls in. All your mates will be cheering you on and applauding you once you return back to them. After your thrilling morning run, you get to continue your day with huge street parties and beautiful women from all over the world.


    Unlike Aries, you like to take things a bit slower and you’re more calm than most. Chilling outside, having a few brews, and taking in the scenery is most definitely your style and we actually have the perfect trip for you: San Sebastian Surf Camp. You’ll be kicking it at the beach, picking up a few surf tricks here and there, having some drinks, and just taking it easy during your stay with us.


    You bastards know how to have a good time and that’s why we’re sending you guys to Ibiza Beach Camp. You guys are expressive and sociable and it’s definitely proven somewhere that Gemini’s thrive on this beautiful party island. It is known that you Gemini’s tend to get a bit serious at times, so let’s just leave that at home this time and have a good time.


    You guys are a bit difficult to get to know, but once we crack that shell we realize that it was well worth it. You guys also have this wild, imaginative side to you just like the creatures of France do. That’s why our zodiac masters have decided that you should get your white outfits and red scarves on and head over to Les Fetes De Bayonne Festival. Inspired by the one and only Running of the Bulls, this festival takes place in Bayonne, in the French Basque Country, France and it is a five day long party in the streets filled with music, dancing, and loads of wine.


    We’re calling all you theatrical, lively, beautiful Leo’s to the Sziget Carnival this August. Get ready to wear your most brilliant outfits and have the time of your lives at this one of a kind festival featuring some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever see. This festival is celebrated on the Island of Freedom in the centre of Budapest, and it is a week long celebration of life, freedom, and creativity.


    You guys are the most practical and logical (we know you secretly love a little chaos) and that’s why the experts in our office know that the Stoke Afloat Croatia Cruise is where you should be heading. We’ll lead you on a magical journey through the Croatian Islands, hopping from island to island until we finally arrive at Dubrovnik where we continue to lose ourselves in the magic of Croatia.


    Oh Libras, we love you dearly despite your indecisive minds and moody moments. We know that deep down you are very loving and peaceful human beings. But because of your indecisive behavior, we decided that a peaceful trip where you get to go more than one spot is prime for you. Our Van Safari is exactly where you need to be. You’ll be cruising along the coastline of France and Spain, deciding where the best waves are that day. That night you’ll head back to surf house and have a few drinks and do it all again the next day.


    You guys scare the shit out of us. You’re misunderstood and mysterious but at the same time we know that you guys are very passionate and intense. You guys remind us of German’s, which is why we know that you will feel right at home at Stoketoberfest. Come join us in Munich where there’s unlimited booze, Bavarian babes, and schnitzel to last you for the rest of your life.


    You curious, lucky bastards. You’re our favorite type of person and we believe that deep down everyone at Stoke Travel is in some way a Sagittarius. You guys are always on the go and always trying to see new things and meet new people. You guys are known as the biggest travelers, and that’s why you should buy your Stoke Passport within the next 30 seconds. This sexy little passport includes four trips for the price of three and over 20 destinations to choose from.


    Since you fucken Capricorns are such know it all’s, you probably already knew that you should be heading to La Tomatina this August with us to drown yourself in tomatoes at one of the weirdest and most beautiful festivals around. You guys are some of the most determined people out there, so we know that you’ll be able to put up a good tomato fight in the streets of Buñol.


    You guys are a good group to be around. You’re unpredictable and social and you love chatting up new strangers. Your energy is glowing and inviting and that’s why we’re inviting you to London’s Big Day Out. This London festivity takes place on the 19th of May and while you’re there you can find sporting competition, live music, fucken good food, and we’ll have our own little party set up called Stoked in the Park. Stoked in the Park will offer drinking games, prices, wheel of misfortune, and great memories for all the 18+ mates.


    We need more Pisces in the world. You guys are always willing to lend a hand and you love to be artistic and being around music is where you belong. Our zodiac experts have concluded that there is no way that you can miss Bilbao BBK Live. This music festival one that should not be overlooked due to its size. In this case, smaller is better and by smaller we still mean there are going to be thousands of like minded Pisces.


    If you feel as if the zodiac masterminds at Stoke have miscalculated a trip for you, head on over to our festivals section where you can get a good look at everything we have to offer.

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