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    Golden Week… “Shower yourself”… Get it?

    THat’s right, we’ll be showering ourselves in beer* in 2023 with our buy-one-get-one free (Bogo) Golden Week Specials!

    *Because that’s what a Golden Shower is, isn’t it?

    We’re using Golden Week* to offer you FREE trips to Springfest or Oktoberfest. That’s right, FREE! All you have to do is book one of the following trips, enter the promo code GOLDENSHOWER and TWO NIGHTS at one of Munich’s fabled beer fests is yours, FOR FREE!

    ☃️ Andorra Ski Weekender
    🦓 Royal Ascot**
    🥨Springfest Munich***
    Sail Croatia
    🍇San Vino Wine Fight
    🏃‍♀️San Fermin Pamplona
    🍅La Tomatina
    🍻 Oktoberfest****

    *The week consisting of Blackout Wednesday, Thank Thuck It’th Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday, Soggy Saturday, Sunday-Is-For-Funday, Cyber Monday, Beggars Can’t Be Tuesdays and Wet Wednesday.
    **Get one night in Munich for your prosecco-fuelled day at the races
    ***Book Springfest, get Oktoberfest for free (or get two-for-one Springfest)
    ****See above, just right there, but replace “Spring” with “Okt”.

    Are You Ready to Join Stoke This SUMMER? Book any of the following trips and get Springfest or Oktoberfest for free!

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