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    Festival Crew (Legends Of The Fest)

    What’s a festival without the festival crew? What’s Stoke Travel without our beloved Stokies? We are aways looking for Legends of the Fest to help us make our experiences amazing, and unforgettable and as outrageous as possible.

    In the past our festival crew have included acrobats and electricians, dancers, accountants, hospitality workers, carpenters, bar staff, receptionists, tour guides, soldiers on leave, TV personalities – people from every and all walks of life. If you’ve got a passion for travelling, people and/or partying, then we’re probably going to get along perfectly.

    Springfest, Munich: 7th of April – 7th of May
    San Vino, Haro: 23rd of June – 30th of June
    San Fermin, Pamplona: 1st July – 17th of July
    La Tomatina, Valencia: 23rd of August – 1st of September
    Oktoberfest, Munich: 23rd of August – 17th of October

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      e.g. graphic design, DJ, I.T., Chef, beer brewer, astronought, languages

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