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    Stoke Travel Announces Bottomless Brunch At All Destinations

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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    4 years ago | April 17, 2020

    Stoke Travel Announces Bottomless Brunch At All Destinations

    Further cementing their status as the flyest playas in the game, Stoke Travel have upped the stakes by improving on their already amazing hot breakfasts, and offering travellers bottomless brunches with endless mimosas at all Stoke Travel destinations – and it’s a part of our all-inclusive packages, so we’re providing this at no extra expense to the traveller.

    The breakfasts may come in a breakfast buffet format, with continental selections being offered alongside chef prepared hot plates – with bacon and eggs in all their forms as a feature, smashed avocado alongside fresh fruit, cheeses, ham and cereal. This will be on offer at all Stoke Village events, including San Fermin (formerly known as The Running Of The Bull), San Vino aka The Wine Fight, and La Tomatina

    At Oktoberfest and Springfest in Munich Stoke will be offering travellers a selection of hot and cold breakfasts that they can fill their plates with, ensuring that everybody is well fed before yet another day spent throwing delicious Bavarian beer down your neck. Scrambled eggs, toad in the hole, bubble and squeak, breakfast burritos, whatever inspires the chefs that day will be served up. Our only proviso is that the meals are hearty and the servings are huge.

    But the biggest change at all events will be the bottomless mimosas. We’ll have bottles of cava, prosecco or champagne on hand, depending on what’s available and affordable, and will be serving it up with orange juice. This is confirmed by studies to be far and away the best way to start any day, seamlessly blending fancy with healthy and always ending up being more fun. 

    This move is bound to make every other tour company, hotel chain and Airbnb tremble in their boots, with their boring hard boiled eggs and soggy corned flakes. When it comes offering weary travellers and committed party animals the best possible fuel to take on Europe’s best festivals and experiences – plus to do it in a manner that can only be described as being “opulent”, “delicious”, “noice”, “fancy”, “too good for us” – everybody else in the travel biz will be left feeling plum inadequate. 

    When this is considered alongside Stoke Travel’s open and unlimited beer and sangria bar, live music and DJs, art and performance installations, the field of mayhem, with beer pong, flip cup, and Wheel of Misfortune, wine and cheese tasting, exceptional and beautiful guides… all of a sudden those shitty little tents aren’t looking so bad after all. 

    Book your bottomless brunch tour now with a risk-free €1 deposit, available until the world makes sense again. 

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