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    seriously, FUCK it. We wanna do cool shit this year

    there are bigger things to worry about right now than our travel plans.

    but with covid vaccines  rolling out in countries across the globe, we’re looking to the future, and what’s shaping up to be a massive 2021

    And we want you with us – so we’re throwing down €1 RISK-FREE BOOKINGS UNTIL THE WORLD MAKES SENSE AGAIN

    Book with confidence with Stoke Travel and let’s start dreaming about the good times on the other side of this

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    Want to keep reading? Here are some COVID-19 Bookings, Terms & Conditions

    While we’re certain that this will soon be over, and that travel will return to normal, these are special and strange times and we understand that many travellers don’t feel confident in making plans. That’s why we want to offer you risk-free bookings so that you can still daydream about, and plan, trips for when the lockdowns end and travel resumes as normal. 

    €1 Deposits On All Bookings Until There Is Some Clarity In This Crisis

    With the world all topsy turvy at the moment, we can’t with 100% certainty say which Stoke Travel trips will be going ahead this year and which won’t. But we managed a whole summer of surf at the San Sebastián Stoke House. We sent off not one but two Stoke Afloat Croatia Sail boats. And that was in the middle of a pandemic. So we’ve got high hopes for 2021. But let’s face it, it’s not the best time to book trips and make travel plans with any kind of confidence.

    That said, the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis is the best time to be booking trips. We all need something, anything, to take our minds off the daily dose of bad news, to distract us from the routine of being stuck at home, and there’s nothing that inspires cheer more than daydreaming about upcoming bucket-list trips, and then booking them in! Give yourself some light at the end of the tunnel, and do so with absolute confidence that you’re not going to be left out of pocket. 

    N.B: almost all airlines around the world are trying to encourage travellers by offering 100% flexibility on all bookings. This means that you can book in your Oktoberfest trip, Barcelona Boat Party, San Sebastian Surf Camp stay, or any of our other destinations, AND reserve your flights with little-to-no risk. This includes notoriously inflexible European budget airlines, like RyanAir, Vueling and EasyJet, so jump on these deals while they’re available and dream of a virus-free future. 

    Completely Flexible Bookings Made From Now* Until Further Notice

    Once you do book we’re going to expand our T&Cs to allow you complete freedom to change the names on your bookings, and to change dates, for a full 24 months after the initial booking was due to run. This includes changes made inside our no-refund periods, right up until the event itself. Again, this measure is just to give you as much flexibility as possible, because we want you to feel confident in booking trips during this difficult time. It’s good for you, because it allows you to focus on more positive things in life, and it’s good for us, because we know that there are still travellers out there looking forward to doing trips with us.

    It’s been really lonely in the travel industry lately. 

    So use some of the extra downtime you have to plan some amazing trips for summer 2021 and beyond, and as soon as this virus is defeated and it’s time for us to party and travel again, let’s all get together and make up for all the parties we didn’t have throughout this period. 

    * Just a quick note – Covid-19 specific cancellation and refund terms are valid on bookings made after October 10th, 2020. If government COVID-19 restrictions prevent any of our events from running, or our beautiful guests from arriving, all customers affected will get a full refund, or the option of taking credit of 120% of the amount paid. For non-COVID-19 related cancellations, you can view our regular terms and conditions here.

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