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    The Benefits Of Group Travel


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | May 11, 2018

    The Benefits Of Group Travel

    Travelling in as a member of a large group is the best! Of course we’re going to say that due to it being the backbone of our business model, but even if we sold solo trips for solitary loners we’d still see the following benefits of travelling with a bunch of new best friends (if reading makes you tired, just take our word for it and grab a Stoke Travel Passport for a whole summer of new friends fun).

    1. You make new best friends from all over the world!
      Just like the previous sentence suggested, travelling as a part of a group gives you a huge pool of potential new best friends. Stoke Travel is proud to attract travellers from a vast variety of countries, so you’re never just stuck with carbon copies of people you wouldn’t hang out with at home – the very type of people you’re travelling to avoid. At Stoke Travel you’ll meet South Australians, people from the Australian Capital Territory, some from Tasmania, but also North Americans, Central Americans, South Americans, Middle Americans, Tanzanians, Nepalese people, all different types of Europeans, the possibilities are endless (last year we befriended more than 40 different nationalities. Wow!).
    2. You’ll make new best friends with similar interests to you!
      So your friends from home are mostly just your friends because you grew up near them and you had to be friends with somebody. As you get older and start travelling you realise more and more how less and less you have in common with them (social media assists this realisation – did you even know how crazy almost all your school friends are?). But when you travel you can pick and choose who you befriend and you can make the selection based on shared interests, namely what time you want to crack your first beer and how funny they find your jokes.
    3. Your new best friends will want to talk to you!
      Not like in the real world where strangers will treat you like some kind of freak for trying to chat to them, at a Stoke Travel camp chatting is encouraged. People will come up to you and be like, Hey bra what’s up? And your instant reaction is to be all like, Do I know you? But then you realise that you’re at a Stoke camp and befriending each other is what we do. You can literally walk around talking to whoever you want, that group of babes, the captain of the football team, the super rich kid – any of the stereotypes from American high school movies.
    4. Your new best friends are drunk!
      Which makes it so much easier to become their new best friend. Not only are you more confident in approaching them, but once you become friends you will do all sort of dumb shit together and build that bond that only people who have peed in a bush while holding hands can form. Once you’ve been drunk together the barriers are broken down and neither party can continue to pretend that they’re anything but pant-pissing daggy dancers. Well at Stoke we aid this by providing practically free beer.
    5. Your new best friends are sexy!
      Some of them might be, in your eyes. And they might think you’re sexy too. And you’ll be talking to each other and sparks will fly and then someone will utter the words, Your tent or mine, and then you may become very special friends, either for a little fun while, or for the rest of your lives. Who knows? It’s the magic of Stoke Travel camps that make romance blossom like cherry blossoms blooming.

    There are plenty of group travel opportunities with Stoke this summer, starting with the San Vino Wine Fight at the end of June, continuing to the San Sebastian Surf Camp, The Running Of The Bulls (featuring Stoked in the Park music festival), the Ibiza Beach Camp, all of our Barcelona products, La Tomatina, Oktoberfest and so many more. There are so many opportunities waiting for you to make new best friends forever.

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