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    Eight things that WILL happen to you at Oktoberfest.

    Yeah, you’ll drink beer. But plenty of other things will happen to your sorry arse too…   Europe boasts a frightening amount of festivals throughout the year. Some celebrate history,…

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    Things You Have To Do Before Europe Summer 2017 Is Over

    Some last minute things to check off before summer disappears JOSEPHINE RYAN MURPHY It may be hard to come to terms with, but Europe’s summer is actually coming to an…

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    How To Pick Up At A Tomato Fight

    Tips to help you pick up in the middle of a tomato fight JOSEPHINE RYAN MURPHY Food fights may seem like a carefree fun idea but anyone who’s experienced a…

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    Rooftops, Underground Or Boat Parties – Where To Go Out In Barcelona

    Summer in Barcelona is incredible. Known for its food, its weather, its coastline and it’s chilled out atmosphere, if a combination of culture, leisure and wild parties is your kind…

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    Travel Life Hacks That Are Actually Legitimate

    JOSEPHINE RYAN MURPHY When you’re travelling you end up in a lot of sticky situations, literally sticky situations. Nothing you own is clean and you don’t have any of the…

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    Stokies Festival Romances

    Tales of festival love from our very own Stokies A few days ago we posted an article called The 6 Stages Of A Festival Romance where we talked more generally…

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    The Six Stages Of A Festival Romance

    A walk through of the quickly escalating festival romance.   JOSEPHINE RYAN MURPHY A festival romance is a wonderful, unique and kind of gross thing. There really isn’t anything quite…

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    The 60:40 Golden Ratio

    Or how to perfectly pack any social gathering It may flummox you to know this, but there is a scientifically proven way to ensure that all of your party guests…

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    Just Some Gossip For Shits And Giggles

    To those who’ve already caught the plague, there are a few remedies: you can purchase a pill, however, please make sure to read the directions before you waste a tenner.

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    Why The Party Bus From Barcelona To Haro Is The Best Possible Way To Get To San Vino

    Four reasons why the Barcelona to Haro bus is an amazing idea. Josephine Ryan Murphy San Vino aka The Wine Fight is just around the corner, and even seeing a…

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