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    Stoke Afloat Croatia Sailing

    We’re not the best Croatia sailing option, but we’re the most fun, best value and we have an open bar onboard… so yeah, maybe we are the best! Sail around…

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    Stoke Afloat Greek Islands Sailing

    We’re now taking risk-free €1 bookings for our 2022 charters! New prices for sailing in Greece: 1st Release: €500 SOLD OUT 2nd Release: €600 LIMITED TIME ONLY 3rd release: €700…

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    Spring Break Ibiza 2023

    Don’t let them tell you we don’t do Spring break in Europe. We do, and we do it in style. ¡Let’s get spring break loco! NEW IBIZA PRICING: IBIZA WEEKENDERS…

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    Barcelona Nightlife

    Barcelona the city that never sleeps, but sometimes passes out!

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    Pamplona’s San Fermin 2023

    San Fermin 2023 is ON and we’re filling up fast! The event will run from the 5th until the 15th of July. Book your 2023 San Fermin/Running of the Bulls…

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    The Spanish

    Party with the beautiful people, at the best spots along the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, pausing only to hurl tomatoes at their gorgeous faces.

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    Barcelona Bike Tour

    Barcelona is the perfect city to see by bike, with the sights and experiences being fairly spread out, but across a mostly flat surface. On our Barcelona Bike Tours you…

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    San Vino Wine Fight Festival Spain 2023

    San Vino Wine Fight Festival 2023 is from the 26th to the 30th of June San Vino, aka La Batalla de Vino de Haro, aka the Wine Fight of Spain,…

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     Upgrade and enjoy a little bit of extra comfort while taking advantage of all the good times in the Stoke Travel campsite.

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    Andorra Ski* Weekenders

    *And Snowboard Weekenders and Après-Ski Weekenders, of course. BOOKINGS NOW OPEN FOR 2024 WINTER SEASON ANDORRA SKI WEEKENDERS! Lock in your price now with a 50% deposit! Early bird price…

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