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Best Bars In Central Barcelona (Born and Gothic Areas)

Barcelona’s bar scene is renowned for its cheap drinks, funky music and sexy occupants. But between the gems there are lots of lemons – particularly in the more touristy centre…

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Barcelona Boat Party

See Barcelona from a new perspective, and enjoy a day on the Mediterranean Sea with the original and best Barcelona Boat Party. We have regular cruises leaving from Barcelona’s central…

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Everyone knows Europe is the place to study abroad, but it can be hard to decide what country, let alone city, you should spend the next few months in. To…

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Barcelona Party Pack

Barcelona is famous for its extravagant nightlife, countless parties on every night of the week, and its never-ending buzz. The Barcelona Party Pack is the perfect party package for solo…

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The Easy to Find Drugs in Barcelona 

You don’t need to look hard to find something to get you going.  Coffee Who said Pablo Escobar needed to be involved to get you high? South America’s second favourite…

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Barcelona Super Bowl Party 2021

We’ve got your Super Bowl LIV viewing and partying needs covered. Not only does our venue have the most big screens, but we make sure that the atmosphere is popping…

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Barcelona Nightlife

Barcelona the city that never sleeps, but sometimes passes out!

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Pamplona’s San Fermin 2020

San Fermin 2020 is from the 4th until the 14th of July San Fermin, in Pamplona Spain, is the festival most infamously known for the Running of the Bulls. What…

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Press Release: Barcelona gets bizarre weekly with Poble de los Freaks

Just when we thought Barcelona couldn’t get any freakier, Stoke’s teamed up with La Terrrazza for the Poble de los Freaks, the city’s wildest daytime festival. Kicking off on July…

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The Spanish

Party with the beautiful people, at the best spots along the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, pausing only to hurl tomatoes at their gorgeous faces.

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