🍻 The official OKTOBERFEST is cancelled for 2021 😭 But don’t worry, we’ve got plans to hold an epic event of our own! It’s a smaller event with limited space, so make sure you reserve your spot with a €1 deposit 🍻 

Stoketoberfest: the Oktoberfest Experience 2021

Munich, Germany | September 16 – October 4
When covid gives you lemons

Grab some tequila* and take care of business
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    Stoketoberfest: the Oktoberfest Experience 2021

    The official Oktoberfest has been COVID-cancelled again in 2021, and so has our Stoketoberfest campsite experience (we couldn’t throw a party for you, so it wasn’t worth doing). BUT we are offering a trip to Munich, staying in the city’s best hostels, with private parties in historic beer halls, the Beer Olympics in the city’s best beer garden, our Munich treasure hunt, and so much more. Check it out here.

    Stoke Travel’s all-inclusive Stoketoberfest Oktoberfest Experience packages include: 

    🎟️ Entry to all “Oktoberfest Experience” events across Munich

    🏕️ Accommodation in pre-erected twin-share tents with camping mattresses and sleeping bags (glamping upgrades, solo tents, and group teepees also available plus weekend transport options)

    🍳🍾 Bottomless brunch with mimosas and cooked breakfast every morning

    💃 Our world-famous Stoketoberfest campsite parties with live bands, DJs and entertainment

    🍻 €10 all-you-can-drink beer, wine and sangria bar

    🥴 Guides to direct you to the Oktoberfest events, and

    🌎👫👭👬🌏 An international crowd of like-minded travellers to party with.

    Next year the 187th Oktoberfest will take place in 2022 from September 17th until October 2nd
    If you’re also interested in that, check it out here.

    Is the cancellation of the official Oktoberfest bad news? Maybe, but look, out of great pandemic led adversity comes opportunity, and for us the opportunity is to run the kind of event that we want to run – taking the parts of the traditional Oktoberfest that we love, and then condensing it down to an event for 1000s of beer lovers, not millions. You know, make it a little more COVID tolerable (plus partying with millions is a bit nuts. Just a couple of thousand legends, please).

    This year we’ll be partying in Munich’s traditional, centuries old, beer houses, breweries and beer gardens. We’ll be erecting (teehee) our own Stoketoberfest big-top for live music, singalongs, big beers, and all the rest of the Oktoberfest shennanigans. We’ll be focusing on afterparties that finish late (or early, depending on how you think of it), and our campsite parties will be raging like always.

     We’ve been the biggest group at Oktoberfest for more than a decade now, so it just makes sense to take this opportunity and throw one helluva Oktoberfest party for everyone who has had enough of this pandemic and all of its fun ruining ways. More bands, more DJs, more of our infamous open beer and sangria bar. MORE FUN. COVID can’t dampen us this year.

    The official Oktoberfest may be cancelled, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to Munich, in September and October, to drink beer and dance on tables.
    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary terms and conditions. Book your upcoming trips now with risk-free €1 deposits and 100% flexibility with name/date changes. Let’s continue planning our dream trips while coronavirus has us locked down. Click here for more information. 

    The official Oktoberfest is cancelled. So what are our options?

    To put on our own event! To do Oktoberfest our way. To take the festival out of the fairgrounds and take the opportunity to explore Munich and celebrate Bavarian beer and beer culture across the city. 

    To create an event, a festival – a celebration – for a few thousand of the fun and beer loving travellers and partiers who know that we don’t need the official Oktoberfest to have an excuse to drink Bavarian beer by the litre, to eat the greasy and delicious German beer food, to dress in lederhosen and dirndls and dance on tables while oompah bands play those classic Oktoberfest singalong jams. WE CAN, AND WE WILL, DO ALL OF THAT IN 2021 – WITHOUT THE OFFICIAL FESTIVAL.

    But the best thing, the irreplaceable and unstoppable thing, that cancellations and COVID and whatever can’t take away from us, is you, the partiers and the travellers, and the beer lovers, and the vivacious, courageous, fun loving people who come to Stoketoberfest for the party, to make new friends, to dance and to sing and to drink and to be merry.

    Because after the year(s) we’ve had, don’t you think we deserve THAT! We’re sure that we deserve that.

    SO what will the Stoketoberfest: Oktoberfest Experience events be?

    The way we see it, the Munich mayor shut down the Oktoberfest fairgrounds, but he didn’t stop the spirit. The city of Munich is going to be filled with the Oktoberfest feeling, and with event capacity in the 1000s we’ll be able to put on all kinds of events for our beer-loving Stokie friends. So what have we been planning?

    Stoketoberfest Sessions in Munich’s historic beer halls and breweries

    You may or may not know that the Oktoberfest tents are just temporary structures put up by Munich’s seven famous breweries, and that all year-round the breweries have beer halls in the city centre where we can get the true, the authentic, the historic and the amazing traditional beer hall experience. We’ll be taking over some of Munich’s famous beer houses for private parties, and seeing the beerhall culture that inspired Oktoberfest’s famous tents.

    Day drinking in Bavarian beer gardens… it’s the stoketoberfest way

    One aspect of Munich’s beer drinking culture that’s overlooked during Oktoberfest are the wonders of beer garden culture. Vast fields seating 1000s of people in the open air, where you can drink Bavarian beer by the litre with the sun shining on your face. We’ll be organising day drinking sessions in some of our favourite Munich beer gardens, with reserved seating and live music from Munich and around the world.

    The Stoketoberfest beer big-top

    We’re also going to be popping up a big top somewhere in Munich where we will have our very own Oktoberfest experience set up. This is where we can get wild, where the beer will flow like… beer and where we can dance on tables and singalong, and be absolutely and amazingly merry together. This is OUR own little Oktoberfest, and it’s where most of us will finish our nights… most of us.

    Exclusive Stoketoberfest after parties

    Of course, some of us will want to rage until the wee hours, and so we’ll be kicking on after the Big-Top and heading to after parties in some of Munich’s notorious late night venues. These after-hours events are only for the strongest amongst us, the mightiest party warriors, those with unquashable constitutions, or those too drunk or stupid to know better – which to be fair will be all of us. See you there!

    Our infamous Stoketoberfest campsite parties

    This is where everything starts and finishes, where the bar is always open (open as in open for you to drink as much as you want, during opening hours 10am-10pm). Where our Stoketoberfest stage features live music and the Wheel of Misfortune spins and spins and maybe makes you pour sangria down your pants… but don’t worry, there’s always plenty more where that came from. Anything goes at the campsite parties at Stoketoberfest, and that’s why many Stokies come back every year for our Oktoberfest trips.

    camping at STOKETOBERFEST: Your best accommodation option in Munich

    This is the cheapest, but more importantly most fun, way to stay in Munich. We’ll be setting up our sea of tents for Stoketoberfest: the Oktoberfest Experience and hosting you all in our solo, twin, triple and quad tents, as well as our teepees (up to eight people) and our Glamping options. This is the social way to stay, with all tents located a short stumble from our Stoketoberfest party area, and the whole thing is located inside the Munich city limits, so all of our events are easily reached.

    Not only a place to sleep, staying at our Stoketoberfest campsite includes bottomless brunch – with unlimited mimosas – every morning, entertainment day and night, drinking games like beer pong and flip cup, live music, and our open beer and sangria bar, for only an extra €10 a day.

    Find out more about the Stoketoberfest experience.


    A Special Place for women at Oktoberfest

    For the first time ever in Munich, Stoke Travel will be establishing a Ladies’ Island during Stoketoberfest 2021. This is an “island” of tents where only groups of women, or female and female identifying travellers, can stay. Within this safer space there will be extra security, and a powder room, so you can sleep with greater peace of mind, and enjoy a little extra space while getting prepared for the beerhalls. This initiative is to encourage more female solo travellers and groups of women to Oktoberfest – an event that is often consider to be the domain of men, but we know that the love of beer doesn’t adhere to gendered boundaries – without worrying about being accommodated alongside farting, stumbling, drunken men. Of course, staying on Ladies’ Island is completely optional. 

    Stoke Travel Passport Holders Oktoberfest

    Stoke Travel Passport holders are eligible for a 2 or more nights all-inclusive stay.
    Unsure what the Stoke Travel Passport is? Check it out here! Your universe will change.



    A Day At Stoketoberfest

    This is a rough itinerary with everything in the Meet Us There package. The beauty of staying with Stoke Travel is that you can do whatever you like, whenever you like, your way. 


    8-10am - Bottomless brunch

    A chef prepared, hot breakfast with bottomless mimosas


    9am onwards - Head to the beer halls

    Make your way to one of Munich’s famous beer gardens for a day full of antics. 


    8pm onwards - Party time

    Massive Stoketoberfest campsite party begins; the beer and sangria will be flowing and the music will start pumping. Expect live bands, DJs and carnivalesque activities.


    11pm - After-party time

    Head to the official Stoketoberfest after party, where the best memories are made (and immediately forgotten)




    Trip Type:

    StOketoberfest 2021 information

    Where and when is Stoketoberfest 2021?

    Based out of our Munich campsite party accommodation, Stoketoberfest in 2021 will take place across the city. From private parties in the city’s famous and historic beer halls and breweries, to day sessions in beer gardens, parties under our own Beer Big-Top and our campsite parties too. Instead of being stuck in the Oktoberfest fairgrounds, we’re going to be partying across the city, and having as much fun as is physically possible.

    Stoketoberfest Campsite Address

    Campingplatz Obermenzing
    Lochausenerstrase 59,


    Take the Stoke bus from AmsterdamBarcelonaItaly, London or Prague. Or meet us there! Check out Omio for the best rates on buses, trains, and flights around Europe. Once you get to Munich, it is super easy to catch public transport to the campsite.


    Directions from the Munich Airport
    If you arrive at the airport you can take the S1 train or S8 train. If you take the S1 train, get off at Laim train station to switch to the S2 towards Petershausen. If you take the S8 train, you can change at any station between Ostbahnhof and Laim to the S2 towards Petershausen. Once on the S2, jump off at station Untermenzing. Right outside the station hop on the 164 bus for three stops to Campingplatz Obermenzing.

    Directions from Munich city centre
    Once you’re at the Hauptbahnhof, or any Munich metro station, take the underground S1 to Laim metro station, then take the S2 towards Peterhausen and jump off at Untermenzing. Right outside the station hop on the 164 bus for three stops to Campingplatz Obermenzing. Just ask the driver or have a look on the bus route map. Jump off the bus and you’re at our doorstep. Too easy!





    Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Your question isn’t there? Ask away. Enter in the Ask a Question popup and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the answers!

    Ask A Question

    What should we bring?

    Are there shuttles to and from Stoketoberfest?

    Who do we see when we arrive?

    What is the breakfast like?

    What if I want to be tented next to my friend?

    What amenities are offered at the camp site?

    Where can we buy Lederhosens and Dirndls?

    Can we reserve a table in beer halls?

    If we are camping does that mean we’ll be attacked by wild animals?

    Do the tents have hot water, laptops, power-points, king size beds or fridges?

    When can I check in?

    How do get cash money?

    Where can I get my unlimited booze from?

    Are there lockers?

    Will it be cold?

    Do you have any photos of the Dirndls and Lederhosen you’re selling?

    There's More

    Camping Accommodation

    Camping Accommodation

    Twin-share pre-erected tents with foam mats and sleeping bags

    Bottomless brunch

    Bottomless brunch

    A cooked breakfast with unlimited mimosas every morning

    Awesome Guides

    Awesome Guides

    Guides to direct you to the Oktoberfest beer halls

    Party Atmosphere

    Party Atmosphere

    With an international vibe

    Campsite Parties

    Campsite Parties

    Massive Stoketoberfest campsite parties with live bands and DJs

    Welcome Drinks

    Welcome Drinks

    Welcome drinks to get the party started

    Entry to all Stoketoberfest events

    Entry to all Stoketoberfest events

    Entry to Oktoberfest and Stoketoberfest

    Live Bands & DJs

    Live Bands & DJs

    Joining us on our Stoke festival stage is the Stoke Soundcheck Battle of the Bands winner, The Wharves and drum and bass producer Deadbeat, with more acts TBC
    Use 2 or more nights from your Stoke Travel Passport
    risk-free €1 deposits; book now, pay later
    Oktoberfest 2021 Tickets, Tours & Trips
    This Trip is No Longer Available

    Available Add-Ons
    Available During Booking
    Oktoberfest Dirndl set

    Looks good, feels good in this Oktoberfest Dirndl set

    Available During Booking
    Lederhosen (Traditional Clothing)

    Looks good, feels good in this traditional Lederhosen set

    Available During Booking
    Unlimited beer & sangria

    Add on unlimited unlimited beer & sangria to your booking

    Available During Booking
    Munich’s Best Bike Tour

    2 hours bike tour
    The Eisbach Wave, beer garden for lunch & a stein and much much more.

    Stoketoberfest: the Oktoberfest Experience 2021 Photos

    DJ Teletanko

    Stoketoberfest mainstage
    Every Weekend

    Mowgli Wild Boys

    Stoketoberfest mainstage
    Every Weekend

    Sex Cinema

    Every Weekend

    Wicked Things

    Stoketoberfest mainstage
    Every Weekend


    Stoketoberfest mainstage
    Every Weekend

    Shisa Lounge

    Shisha marque

    Sons Of Med

    Stoketoberfest mainstage
    Every Weekend


    Stoketoberfest mainstage
    Every Weekend

    The directions to the campgrounds were good as were the directions/transportation/beer bong sendoffs from the campgrounds to the festival. The camping in October is a little cold, but the tents were set up well with mattresses and sleeping bags so no complaints, the atmosphere was great, Oktoberfest was a party from the moment i woke up in the morning to the moment i put in my earplugs and tried to pass out at night!


    Atmosphere was 10/10. Loosest , most fun weekend of my life! Could have been warned about how much f*cking fun it was!!! FOOD ROCKED. Being camping you expect pretty dodge food but it was great. Bacon made my life.


    One hell of a party, Would be nice if a pillow was included in the tent, but the food was tasty.


    The staff were some I the best people on the while trip, super friendly and welcoming. I found you through a friend who went last year. As promised by her it was awesome, and it sure was!!!


    The check-in was good, I liked how the people took you to your tent. The atmosphere was awesome!


    The booking process is really practical and fast. The atmosphere was amazing, the best experience that can had in Oktoberfest! The people, everybody is so helpful, nice and fun; who was working and who was just enjoying too, everybody was really nice! The breakfast is wonderful, really good! Big lines, but when I ate, make worths.


    Absolutely awesome! great staff and great people everywhere! i loved the Signs and Themes everywhere. Fun sayings everywhere! music was also very very nice.



    The atmosphere is why I’ll always use Stoke Travel. I felt welcomed, check-in was painless!



    The atmosphere was so good! Everyone was so friendly! And YES the food was perfect, much better than I was expecting. Eggs and bacon are the perfect pre-drinking/hangover food.


    The party you provided was awesome a real neat set up, we met some real cool people from all over the world! Way better than expected. We had a hamburger one night and the open bar was definitely worth the 10€.


    Let me say the beer bong on arrival was fantastic and the laid-back and friendly crew even better. Only suggestion would be keep doing what you are doing!


    So fun, the rain bummed people out, so the music should have been cranked to 11 and to dance. Could have closed the bars at 1 instead of 12 also (which would really mean close at 2 because you guy are too awesome).


    Oktoberfest with Stoke Travel was fantastic! The hosts were so welcoming and even helped me with cleaning up an unfortunate situation that involved vomit in my tent. The hosts wanted to make sure we were set from the start, and had an awesome time. The heated bathrooms are nice, and definitely search those out right when you get there because the temp drops at night. Snag a pair of earplugs for the sleeping at night, since you are mighty close to other tents. Overall awesome experience with stoke travel and thanks for the incredible hospitality!! Cheers!


    Best friking time of my life. Thank you, Stoke!!!


    The atmosphere was so much fun that I missed my flight! The best Oktoberfest experience. Ever.


    Our group met so many fun people at Oktoberfest. It’s probably the best party I’ve ever been to and the unlimited booze was a big bonus!


    There was a real friendly atmosphere created by the Stoke Travel staff. It was a great way to get us in the party spirit before entering Oktoberfest.


    We loved everything about Oktoberfest; from the amazing energy at the campsite to getting drunk with strangers that became great friends! I can’t wait to go back.


    The Stoke Travel campsite outside of the festival was as fun as Oktoberfest itself!


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