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    Free Springfest For Teachers

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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    4 years ago | October 5, 2020

    Free Springfest For Teachers

    To celebrate teacher’s day, and to say thank you to all the educators putting themselves in harm’s way so the kids can continue their education, we’re offering a completely free two-day Springfest stay to anybody working in the school system

    You guys are the heroes we have, but don’t deserve and putting yourselves on the frontlines for the past month or so almost makes us feel bad for being such horrible little shits when we were at school. We want to offer you guys two nights free at Munich’s Springfest 2021, when hopefully the virus has subsided and you’ll be absolutely pining after a night drinking way too many delicious German beers. If you don’t know about Springfest yet, click here and check out the event – it’s just like Oktoberfest, but in spring, and considering that it’s likely to be the first German beer festival in 18 months it is going to absolutely go OFF!

    Actually, to anyone who works in education, we’ve got your Springfest COVID (get it?)

    Where would we be without you through these extraordinary times? If it wasn’t for the teachers and teacher’s assistants and guidance counsellors and maintenance crew and cleaners and anybody* who is working on the education frontline, this coronavirus crisis would be so much more horrible than it already is – and it’s already pretty horrible.
    We know it’s dangerous for you, and we know that you’re already underpaid and under-appreciated. But the kids kinda need to get on with their educations, and spending their days with wine-soaked parents probably hasn’t given them the lessons they needed…
    For the rest of us, all we’ve had to do is socially distance and wait this virus out, but you guys have been forced in front of the snot nosed virus incubators that are all children. Your service is immense and is so appreciated. 

    We understand that Springfest is a long way off, but maybe you need something to look forward to. And we really want to show our appreciation today by slinging you a free stay. Two nights, in the fest, living your best lives. If you want to stay for longer, we can sort something out there too. 

    We’ve already offered a free Springfest to healthcare workers, so you know it’s going to be a lit event. And for all your non-teacher friends who want to come along and support you (and us) we’ll give them a free open bar. EVERYBODY WINS!


    The world’s second biggest and maybe best and almost the original and greatest and most wonderful beer festival, and Stoketoberfest, our accommodation/pre-party/kick-on is the biggest group of the best travellers, that’s mostly original and we really think it’s great and wonderful. 

    So to say thanks for all your hard work, we want to invite you along for free. Just fill out this form below, or if that doesn’t work shoot an email across to and we’ll book you in. 

    Make sure you fill in all fields with an “*”.

      First name *:

      Last name *:

      Date of birth *:

      Sex *:

      Email address *:

      Phone number (including country code) *:

      What's your nationality? *:

      In which field of education are you working? *:

      And where (which city, country, etc) are you doing such wonderful work teaching the little legends of tomorrow? *:

      Which dates would you like to come to Springfest 2021 (we're open from April 22nd to May 11th)? *:

      We believe ya, but upload a photo of your educators ID, or better yet of you at work.. just to be sure:

      Anything you'd like to add?

      The free trip includes:

      • Two night stay at Stoketoberfest**,
      • Bottomless brunch every morning with mimosas,
      • The infamous Stoketoberfest campsite parties.

      **If you want to stay for longer just let us know and we’ll work something out. Also, because the weekends sell out we have limited spots available. First in, best dressed, but we will do whatever we can to make sure everybody is accommodated somehow. Mid-week we’re basically limitless.

      We’re not including transport, because we’re already basically broke after all of these travel shutdowns, but we will have some buses running from certain cities. Otherwise, jump on flights now while they’re cheap and 100% flexible.

      We want to give you VIP treatment while you’re with us, because if it wasn’t for healthcare workers we’d all be fucken fucked; the least we can do is get you nice and fucked up as a way to say thanks.

      *There are so many people working on the frontlines through this. If you can prove to us that you’ve worked in education in any capacity through this pandemic and have been involved in slowing the spread of COVID-19, then we’ll take care of you. We want to include everybody, and from all over the world! 

      Please share this with fellow educators, and with your civilian friends too. We want to have a crazy party when this is all done, and you guys will be the stars of the show.

      Cheers, keep up the good work, stay strong, and let’s down some beers soon. 

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