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    You’re now a member of the Stoke Surf Club

    We really liked having you here, now that you’re a member of the Stoke Surf club you have to come back

    We’re not going to say that this is an exclusive club, but not everybody can be a member. We won’t say that it’ll open doors for you, but it will get you into place that other people can’t get into it. We can’t say that by being a member of this club that you’re a more attractive person and a better surfer, but this membership will have you at the beach more often which WILL make you more attractive and a better surfer, sooooo….

    Surf benefits of the Stoke Surf Club

    Here are the ways that the Stoke Surf Club will improve your surfing life (and therefore your life in general).

    1. Free open bar at the Stoke Surf House
      Saving you that precious €10/day and making sure you’re lips are loose for all the surfing stories that you’ll be telling to your new friends
    2. A special place to keep your board
      Save pesky transport fees by keeping your board in our secure Stoke Surf Club board rack so it’s here and fresh every time you come back
    3. Preferential bed choice
      You get first choice on where you sleep in the house. Want to claim a corner of the house as your own?
    4. Free laundry service
      We’ll wash all your shit whenever you want
    5. A towel to use while you’re here
      Again, we’re just saving you luggage space here. Travel light and get dry on us
    6. Your choice of set waves
      This one we can’t promise, but we promise that if you’re on the inside of us we might let you have it.

    Travel benefits of the Stoke Surf Club

    While we know that surfing is life and life is surfing sometimes we have to peel ourselves away from the coastline and go and do some non-wave-related activities. Lucky for you, Stoke Travel keeps those fun too!

    Free booze at all Stoke Travel festivals
    Our popup bottomless beer and sangria bars are legendary and you’ll find them at all our events. All the beer and sangria that you can drink at Oktoberfest, San Vino, San Fermin, and anything else that we might want to do.


    Are You Ready to Join Stoke This year? We Promise It’s Going to Be FUN!

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