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    5 Reasons Las Fallas in Valencia beats St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | March 2, 2017

    5 Reasons Las Fallas in Valencia beats St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

    We’ve been hearing people umming and ahhing about whether to go to Las Fallas in Valencia or St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, and we just have to let you know that it’s a no-brainer! Oh boy, we just can’t get enough of Spanish fiestas, and Las Fallas is one of the finest. Here we present our meticulous reasoning (in easy to access point form).

    1. Better weather. Las Fallas takes place in a gorgeous Spanish coastal city called Valencia. Dancing in the spring to say goodbye to winter? Much better than freezing your ass off outside a pub and looking like a Goretex marshmallow!

    2. Better food. One word: Paella. Say it again — pay-ey-ya. Why stick to bland, boring potatoes when you can eat fresh, authentic paella in the dish’s birthplace!

    3. The party lasts longer. Way longer. Forget the last calls at the Irish pubs. Party goers at Las Fallas literally party until the break of dawn. You’ll be in a constant rager with no closing time. You can always find Sangria and beer flowing in this city, flowing straight into your face!

    4. Fireworks, massive bonfires and crazy pyrotechnics. Some people just want to watch the world burn. So let it burn.

    5. Let’s face it, St. Paddy’s Day is St. Paddy’s Day – wherever you are. Whether it’s a college frat house back home or a massive pub crawl, you can always black out on Guinness, pull an Irish exit and wake up with substantially less clothes on anywhere in the world. If you’re here to experience Europe — try doing something completely new, insanely lit, and totally unforgettable with Stoke Travel at the Las Fallas Festival in Valencia, Spain!

    Las Fallas is Valencia’s annual bonfire party and Stoke Travel will be there from the 15th-20th of March. For more party information, wiggle this way, and to check out what we offer for the festival, this is the place for you, hombre. 


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