Stoke’s Dirty Little Weekenders

Good times and even better company as we get up to no good in some of Europe’s most spectacular cities 

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    Stoke’s Dirty Little Weekenders

    The best part of a year filled with wicked little weekends away across Europe’s most splendid cities and non-stop party spots. We figured that we don’t do enough stuff here at Stoke Travel, and so we’re going to fill the calendar year with all kinds of good times.

    2021 SCHEDULE
    What a roster, huh? And these aren’t ordinary tours. We’re going to make sure that your weekends are full of nice things AND good times, with plenty of parties organised to balance out the culture and the art and the delicious food and drink. And because we’re all adults, none of the events or experiences are mandatory – we’ll just give you an itinerary of what’s going on, and reminders throughout the weekend if you want to join us, and you can choose your own adventure (based around your hangovers, most likely), as well as offering you plenty of things to do on your own, with your group, or with any special new friends you might have made along the way. 

    Life’s short and we’re not going to be able to travel around like this forever – let’s squeeze every last drop out of 2021 and every other year we can.

    The best weekend trips across Europe’s Greatest hits

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands | January 29th-31st

    if we can just peel you out of those coffee shops… 

    No better way, no better place to launch our dirty weekenders than with a big old Dutch oven of a bender. Cycling canals and sex shows; devil’s lettuce and dancing all night long. We come to Amsterdam with the best intentions to see everything that the city has to offer, but we won’t judge you if you get too baked to do even half of it.

    From €200
    Trip includes:
    💤 Two-nights hostel accommodation (additional nights available)
    🧟‍♀️ Walking tour
    🛺 Bike hire
    🍩 Live sex show entry (one of the funny ones)
    🥬 Special access to our very own coffee shop
    🤢 Welcome party, bar crawl, and massive club night
    Prague, Czech Republic | February 5th-7th

    DANCING WITH the green fairy 

    ‘Tis a city steeped in history and much of Prague ‘til this day retains its medieval charms, with church spires and cobblestone streets, and some of the world’s best beer, and an absinthe scene that will ensure that you don’t remember much after a certain hour, and Europe’s most flourishing pornographic movie industry, which isn’t something that you will necessarily participate in, but you might recognise some of the locations.  

    NIce, Cote D’Azur, France | February 12th -14th

    Pal, Gal and Val-entines weekend in the south of France

    Let the couples go to Paris, we’re going to exploit the Cote d’Azur, where we’ll swan about like 007, skim stones along the seashore, drink pastis and play petanque with leather-skinned old locals. Join us to dine on all those French specialities and marvel at how the locals aren’t obese, but most of all live la vie en rosé, which probably doesn’t mean pickling ourselves in rosé wine, but that’s how we’re going to interpret it. Ooh la la!

    Let’s be nice in nice
    Florence, Tuscany, Italy | February 19th – 21st

    With Firenze like these…

    Florence is the city where Western civilisation really started to flourish, with the art and the architecture, and Leonardo da Vinci and then the Jersey Shore knuckleheads turned up there for season four of their show, so now it’s fine for us to turn up, eat all the Italian classics, drink the Tuscan red wine, get those ‘Gram shots across the terracotta rooftops and maybe hire some Vespas and explore the rolling hills that make this part of the world too nice for swine like us. 

    Florence? I’m a machine. I’m in
    St Anton, Tyrol, Austria | Febrauary 26th – 28th

    We Get high with a little Alps and our friends

    One of the only redeeming features of the European winter is that it does get cold enough to cover the mountains in white stuff. While London remains grey and draped in mizzle (misty drizzle), the Alps are near enough by, where we can slide by day and grind all night, get cozy by the fireplace, drink hot cocktails, see who’s got the best Christmas sweater, etc. Are you ready to really see what altitude does to your ability to do shots?

    sign me up for Schnappy hour
    Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain | March 5th – 7th


    Barcelona is one helluva place. The relatively condensed city between the Mediterranean and mountains, filled with fantastical architecture and dissected by La Rambla is equal parts dreamy and just downright wild, where days are spent under the sun and on terraces with vermouth in hand and patatas bravas in mouth, and nights are long and made exciting by free pour cocktails and an epic party scene. Live la vida loca! 

    Let’s get Messi
    Dublin, Ireland | March 12th – 14th

    To be sure, to be sure it’s St Paddy’s in Dublin Town

    What can we say about this one? We celebrate St Paddy’s in whichever shithole we usually call home, and now we have an opportunity to really do it right in Dublin. Dress in green, oblige when people tell you to kiss them because they’re Irish, start on Guinness but migrate to whisky soon enough, find yourself a four-leaf clover and get to the bottom of what the “craic” really is. 

    Let’s lick some leprechauns
    Budapest, Hungary | March 19th – 21st

    Let’s get pesty

    Is this Europe’s most picturesque city? Probably. Is partying in a thermal spa a great idea or a great way to a staph infection? Maybe both? Budapest is one of those classic Central European cities where beer is cheaper than water and the food is hearty, and where we can cruise along the Danube River that dissects Buda and Pest and get down and dirty like the Huns we are. 

    I’m down to dance along the Danube
    Marrakesh and Taghazoute, Morocco | March 26th – 28th

    Surfing the edge of the Sahara

    We’ll travel to where the Atlantic Ocean crashes into the Sahara Desert, and the Atlas Mountains loom large and snowcapped. Whether you’re surfing, learning to surf, or sunbaking (at the end of winter!), a surf trip to Morocco is culturally enriching, exciting, and different to anything you’ve ever done. Let’s fly into Marrakesh for a night, explore the sprawling bazar, and then skirt the desert to the coast, where our surf house with views to the horizon awaits. Sunset shisha? 
    This trip is available year ’round (although we do recommend from October-May). Check out the full details here.

    Maroc and roll, I’m in!
    Ibiza, Balearic islands, Spain | April 2nd – 4th


    This is where we really push the limits of partying and appreciating the beauty in what is truly one of the world’s most spectacular spots. By day we jaunt from perfect beach to perfect beach, passing by the quaint countryside with its low stone walls and spring flowers peeking above the grass. For the evenings we find a spot where the sun will dip down somewhere between the rock outcrop we’re on and the Spanish mainland, before that night going absolutely ballistic in the best clubs in the world. Oh what a life!
    We’re running Ibiza Weekenders from April until October and any time during summer, if you can’t make these dates. See more, here.

    Let’s have it
    San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain | April 9th – 11th

    San Seb

    That’s all we need to say. San Seb. If you know the gastornomic and hedonistic delights of Europe’s most straight up enjoyable city than you know that our words can’t do it justice here. The world’s best food, straight up, from the bar-top pintxos to the cider houses with those big fat steaks. The surf here is fun, the green hills a sight to behold, our surf house nestles into a national park and looks over the Bay of Biscay, and the beer tap is always on. You know you wanna.
    The San Sebastian Surf House is open from Easter until October, so if you want to come different dates (surfers, September is the GOODS) check out the full details here.

    It’s time to Basque in all our glory
    Munich, Bavaria, Germany | April 23rd – 25th

    That other Oktoberfest

    And here is where our spring schedule ends, with a session in Munich’s hallowed Oktoberfest fairgrounds, but this time in April-May, and finding ourselves sitting outside because it’s spring, and we want to make the most of the sun’s return to our shoulders. Springfest is smaller than Oktoberfest, but that’s really only because a fraction of the tourists turn up – the locals still show up in absolute droves – and the beers are just as delicious, the beer halls and beer bands are still the most fun you can have as an adult, and all in all, isn’t it just the best time to be drinking beer by the litre with your new best friends!


    NOTE: you might notice that we’re talking a lot about partying… well, you already know how gorgeous and interesting and culturally rich these destinations are – you don’t need us telling you that. What we want to promise to you is that we’ll do all the things that will make your parents proud, and then a whole bunch of stuff they never need to know about. It’s called balance, baby!




    Check in. 

    We’ll go for a team dinner somewhere cheap, authentic and amazing, entirely optional.

    Pub crawl/bar hop, whatever you want to call it, we’re going to hit up the city’s best bars and then a club, because it’s Friday BABY!



    Peel our head off the pillow

    Bottomless brunch with unlimited mimosas to start the day right and shake the hangover

    Walking tour around all the most interesting and most importantly Instagrammable spots in the city

    The afternoon is clear. What do you want to do? Nap? Take a free bike to ride around the city? Park up in a bar? We’ve got so many options for you

    Dinner and pre-party in our favourite raucous spot

    Exclusive entry to the gig

    Party until we can’t anymore



    Wake up whenever you want

    Bottomless brunch again (this time mimosas are optional)

    Free museum and art gallery entry

    Cruise around kicking rocks

    Head home filled with memories and more dusty than you’d like to be

    What's included?

    Somewhere nice to sleep

    Somewhere nice to sleep

    A cultural experience (walking tours, museum, art gallery entry)

    A cultural experience (walking tours, museum, art gallery entry)

    A whole lot of parties

    A whole lot of parties

    Brunch every day

    Brunch every day

    Exclusive gig entry

    Exclusive gig entry

    A fully guided tour where you can do as much, or as little, as you want

    A fully guided tour where you can do as much, or as little, as you want

    A crew of absolute legends to roll with

    A crew of absolute legends to roll with

    Extra night and solo room upgrades available

    Extra night and solo room upgrades available

    Choose your cruise
    This Trip is No Longer Available

    Check back or contact us to learn more.

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    I went on the champagne boat party and what an evening! Everyone dressed up and looked so classy but by the end of the boat we were not acting so classy! It was so much fun, the sunset was beautiful on the water & the food was good! I highly recommend this boat party!

    Megan I.

    All I have to say about the BBQ boat was YUM! The food was not a disappointment and overall, the boat was such a blast! Definitely go & definitely get the sausage


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