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    New World Record For Biggest Nude Run


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    5 years ago | October 11, 2018

    New World Record For Biggest Nude Run

    Stoke Travel to set new world record for biggest nude run in Pamplona, Spain

    On July 7, during the 2019 San Fermines festival in Pamplona, Spain, there may be a massive nude run in an attempt to set a new world record. Previous nude run attempts, while being fantastic fun, have been shamed by the local press and banned by authorities, despite both being OK with the pointless slaughter of animals for fun. Stoke Travel started this as an alternative to the killing for travellers who may be squeamish about such a tradition. The bare bums will be out on the afternoon of the first day of the bull run as an alternative pass-time to watching a bullfight, explained Stoke.

    “Stoke is gathering the world’s biggest bunch of travellers aim to set the unofficial world record for ‘biggest naked run through Pamplona’,” commented Toby Paramor, CEO of the Stoke Travel Co. “We love the San Fermines festival but we don’t love some aspects of it, so we reckon there’s no need to torture bulls to be a part of it… better we just join in on the party and torture our own senses of pride instead!”

    nude runStoke has been hosting guests at their festival campsites for the Running of the Bulls, San Fermines festival for the past ten years. They provide all-inclusive accommodation, meals and drinks for over 1800 travellers to Pamplona each year, with their main target market being backpackers and travellers who like to let their hair down and meet like-minded internationals (read open-minded). Previously based in Zarautz, one hour from Pamplona, Stoke has now moved to a Pamplona campsite, with the option of a stay at the Zarautz Beach Camp to relax and learn how to surf.

    Stoke buses operate from Barcelona and San Sebastian regularly, bringing people to and from the festival. There are also daily transfers between the Bulls Camp in Pamplona and the Beach Camp in Zarautz as well as package deals for all locations. Stoke provides camping accommodation in pre-erected tents with mattresses and sleeping bags included, as well as breakfast and dinner daily, and fun, crazy staff to guide the party.

    Stoke expects the nude run to be a big hit. “We offer unlimited beer and sangria for a tenner a day and we often spontaneously and all too publicly end up getting our gear off. Someone always starts it, and the freedom is contagious. Call it a riotous celebration of liberty, if you will,” explained Paramor. And this time they will take a more organised approach to that ‘liberty’. “The first person back to the bar wins a Stoke Travel Passport and massive bragging rights. Stoke is renowned for their massive campsite parties, our theatrical set-up, our irreverent and unserious attitude and their knack for being the biggest festival outside the festival. So if you don’t like the idea of running with bulls, run with us dickheads instead.”

    To view trip on Stoke Travel page click here.
    If you want to join the Nude Run, you should register on our Facebook Page!

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