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The Nude Run In San Fermin


Posted by Stoke Media Team
6 months ago | October 11, 2018

The Nude Run In San Fermin

No one wants to miss out on The Nude Run in San Fermin

You might have heard of the Running of the Bulls that takes place at the San Fermín Festival of Pamplona in July every year. If not, it’s an adrenaline pumping age-old tradition where twelve mighty beasts chase thousands of tourists and locals down Spanish cobblestone streets. Well, this year at San Fermín, Stoke Travel Co. are introducing a new type of run – a nudie run, or rather The Nude Run in San Fermin to be specific. They’re trying to set the record for world’s BIGGEST group streak and I’m going to contribute my bits to the cause. Here are a few reasons why.

Who doesn’t love getting naked, especially after a few beverages? At Stoke, it’s one of their favourite things to do. You think running with a bunch of bulls behind you is an adrenaline rush? Try running around the streets of Pamplona in nothing but your birthday suit and a Stoke bag.

Last but not least, who’d turn down the opportunity to get naked and party with the craziest travel company around?! Stoke Travel sure does know how to party and is always packed with international, like-minded and open-minded travel friends.

The Nude Run in San Fermin takes place on the first day of festivities, after the first bull run at 10.30am. The starting point is at Bar Zuhaitza where you can down a few cups of liquid courage before stripping down. Bottoms up! From the bar, follow hundreds of other nude Stokies (including myself) as we run and touch the stairs of the Casa Consistorial and loop back to Stoke Bar where things will only get weirder. Let’s break a record and start a new tradition!

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