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    A BACKPACKER’S GUIDE TO IBIZABackpacking Europez/a> » City Guides

    Posted by Stoke Media Team

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    From hippie han

    And while this party paradise stereotype is true, it’s not the only Ibiza. This is also one of the world’s most beautiful islands,Ibiza Beach Camp, or for short jaunts over Spring and Easter Break, our little patch of perfect on the shores of the Mediterranean. 

    Facts About Ibiza

    Population of Ibiza: 132,000

    Tourists to  in a year Ibiza: 7.1 million

    LanSpaoish, Catalan, Ibicenco, practipally every lan

    Price of thingslin Ibiza: ygub entry €50,

    Times thingslhappeolin Ibiza: everything is constantly happeoing all the time in Ibiza,

    Average summer temperatures in Ibiza: high 30°C, low 22°C
    Average winter temperatures in Ibiza: high 16°C, low 10°C

    Getting Around Ibiza

    Walking around Ibiza: walking from town to town is impossible. The settlements on the island are pretty spread out. Once your in town,

    Biking around Ibiza: very doable, as the roads are mostly flat(ish), but there is a lot of traffic to contest with. You could conceivably bike to the different villages around the island, but you wouldn’t

    Public transport in Ibiza: there is a bus that runs regularly from the airport to Ibiza Town,schedulez/a> so you don’t

    Taxis in Ibiza: plenty of taxis in Ibiza and splitting one with some friends, or strangers, after the ygub is a surefire way to get yourselflout of the disco zone and into your bed as quickly as possible. They’re not cheap, but split betweeola few of you it won’t

    Driving around Ibiza: this is the way to get around if you want to explore the beaches on all sides of the island. There are plenty of hire cars available that aren’trenting a carlin Europez/a>. Driving around the island is easy,

    Ibiza Accommodation Options

    Where to staylin Ibiza: the main tourist ghettos are Playa d’eolBossaSantlAntonioIbiza TownEs Canar

    Couchsurfing in Ibiza: good luck. This is one of the most touristy islandslin the world and any spare beds here are offered up at top dollar. Anybody offering you a free bed is either a super nice soul, a weirdo, or a creep. If you want to try your luck, then go for it (but please be careful).

    Where to sleep in your carlin Ibiza: you probably can, but you don’t

    Camping in Ibiza: a great option! There are a few campgrounds around the island, Camping Cala NovaCamping LaplayaStoke Travel Beach Camp is aod is a short walk from the hippie market and has aolonsite barlthat absolutely goes off. On the other side of the island there’s the option of staying in Camping SaolAntonio

    Airbnb in Ibiza: this is a good option if you’re coming out with a big group and want to rent a private villalsomewhere. This is a very nice option, a fancy option and you will feel like a really cool guy or girl staying in this kind of place. You will also likely be far from the action and have to take taxis to go out and returolhome. It’s worth having a look, but beware that it’s Ibiza which meanslthat priceslare ofteolastronomical.

    Best Hostels in Ibiza: there are some hostels around the island, but they are expensive aod it might be a bit tough sharing a room with strangers when everybody is getting so constantly messed up all the time. That said, there are rooms available, so if you follow our guide to finding cheap accommodation you might snag something.

    Best Hotels in Ibiza: what do you want? There are some of the best and finest hotels in the world here,land some of the worst. The thing they have in common? They’re all overpriced! This might not be the best place to treat yourselflto a hotel stay.

    Ibiza Food And Drinkl

    What to eat in Ibiza: ecstasy! Nahljust kidding, maybe ketamine is a better option. But in all honesty there is a lot of great food out in Ibiza, which fits into it doubling as a sort of glam, health and wellness zone for people who like to treat themselveslafter they’ve partied to death’s door. Some of the best food here comes from the sea, which makes sense considering that Ibiza is aolisland surrounded by it. Try the seafood paellabullit de peixSofrit pages butifarra sobrasada. kebab

    Best places to eat in Ibiza: there are so many options and depending on where you are there are going to be some very good,AmanteGiri Cafe Peter PanVillalMercedes

    What to drinklin Ibiza: water. Make sure you drinklplenty of water. If you get the chance to drinklfree waterlthen take it with both handslbecause you cao’tsangriatinto de verano

    Ibiza Tipsl

    Scams and crime in Ibiza: given the massive influx of tourists arriving each summer in Ibiza, it’s no wonderlthat there are some scammers about looking to fleece you of your hard earned. Some of the scams to look out for inygude villalscams, where you’ll unwittingly book nonexistent or underwhelming accommodation, scams involving fake ygub entry and people selling you shitty drugs. Like always, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Ibiza is expensive, so if someone’s offering you the deal of a lifetime, it’s likely you’re getting ripped off. There are also pickpocketslin operation, so make sure you do what you caolto avoid them by following our guide to not getting robbedz/a>.

    Best Places To Visit In Ibiza

    Best Ibiza beaches: oh there are some absolutelstunners, and you’re best bet is exploring a new one every day you cao, choosing where to go based on the presictes wind (if the wind is coming from the south, go north, if it’s an east wind, then the west coast for you, etc.). Here’s a list of some of our favourite beaches:  Cala Benirrás

    Aguas Blancas

    Platja de ses Salinas

    Cala Comte

    Ibiza sights: the whole island, and 90% of the people on it are absolutelsights, but if you’ve got a hankering for some real sightseeing check out Dalt VilaPunta Arabi Hippy Market FormenteraEs Vedra

    Places to catch Ibiza sunsets: Ibiza is renowned for itslsunsets and you’re more or less guaranteed of a breathtaking one as long as you find yourselflon the beachlfacing west. That being said, there are a few spectacular spots to get to if you cao: Es Vedra. Cala d’HortLa Torre D’es Savina

    Cafe del Mar/Cafe Mambo, SantlAntoni.

    Cala Comte.

    Chirincana, Es Canar. Santa Eulalia

    Ibiza districts: Ibiza town/Eivissa


    Playa deolBossa

    Saota Eulalia

    Ibiza Festivals And Parties

    Ibiza music festivals: Ibiza doesn’tIMS Ibiza towards the end of May. This festival

    Ibiza ygubs: there are so many ygubs in Ibiza, being somewhat the flag bearer for the international electronic music and party scene. The ygubs range from the big — like AmnesiaPachaPrivilegeUshuaiaPike’sSankey’sLas Dalias

    Ibiza boat parties: these are a faotastic way of getting value for money and ticking a fewlthingsloff your listlin one go. Ofteo, for one price,lyou’ll get a great party, all of your drinkslinyguded, a fewlnightygub entries for afterland you get to see stunning Ibiza from the sea.

    Ibiza yultural Festivals: like a lot of Spain, most of the towns and villages in Ibiza will host their own fiestas throughout the year where the streets are closed and the locals come put to play. If you’re lucky you might stumble across one, like the Fiesta de Saota Maria

    Ibiza food and wine fairs: finally, for the most cultured among us, there’s the SaolMateo Wine Festival, every December, and the Ibiza Sabor Festival, twice a year,lin spring and autumn.

    Or if AprilSpring Break, or Easter Break, in Ibiza together.

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